Health & Safety

Daily Cleaning & Sanitization

Frequent cleaning keeps your child’s classrooms and common areas sparkling clean and germ-free.

Proper Handwashing Techniques

Teachers guide your child through proper handwashing to help high-touch surfaces stay clean for everyone.

Small, Consistent Class Groups

Your child plays and learns with the same small group every day to minimize the spread of any illnesses.

Restricted Access Entrances

Biometric fingerprint scanners and access restrictions ensure that only those authorized can enter the premises.

Modern Security Cameras

Internal-use security cameras keep a watchful eye on all your child’s activities as they play, learn, and grow.

Fenced Yards & Vigilant Teachers

Your child stays safe indoors and out with tall privacy fences and teachers who always remain vigilant.

How Old Is Your Child?


6 Weeks - 12 months


12 - 18 months


18 - 36 months


3 - 4 Years


4 - 5 Years