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Individualized Attention Will Set The Stage For Success

With individualized attention, your child grasps basic concepts to roll out the skills they need to succeed. Your child learns colors, numbers, and circle time to teach your child the sounds, letters, and vocabulary.

Rest Assured With Sound Safety Measures

Features like biometric fingerprint access and remote video monitoring let you know your little one is in a safe place where their security is a top priority so that you can rest easy.

The Power Of Outdoor Play Twice A Day

Getting outside to enjoy the sun, fresh air, and friends lays a foundation for healthy habits. Your child gets all the benefits of outdoor play twice a day as they climb, swing, and jump their way to a healthy body.

Stay In The Know With A Parent Connection App

Take care of billing, upload forms, and use contactless check-in and check-out from your phone’s convenience. Receive notifications and daily pics of your sweet little one so that you stay in touch.

Health Starts With A Commitment To Clean

Cleanliness is a huge part of our promise to safeguard your child’s health. Your family deserves the peace of mind that these added features provide:

3 Ways We Commit to Your Family's Health Are:

On-site cleaners thoroughly disinfect your child's spaces.

A ZONO sanitizing cabinet disinfects tools, toys, and books.

A nurse visits every week to address health concerns.

Sign Language And Art Expand Early Learning

Learning sign language gives your child a way to express themselves even before they know how to speak, reducing frustration. Art, music, and Spanish teach focus and creative thinking, and they’re also fun!

Snacks Are Included To Fill Hungry Tummies

Morning and afternoon snacks keep your child energized. Your child brings main meals from home so you can customize their options and send them to school with a piece of home.

Carefully Vetted Teachers Boost Your Child's Learning

The founder has a master’s degree and certification in Elementary Education, giving them an edge in choosing teachers who deliver the best. Certified head teachers share their expertise for a superior class experience.

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