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Over the rainbow child care center | over the rainbow kids

We offer a nurturing environment where children can flourish. Our childcare centers promote appropriate development with special emphasis on social, emotional, physical, and cognitive benchmarks through the idea that learning can be fun. Our warm and home-like atmosphere offers love and security for children to grow through hands-on learning activities.

How Old Is Your Child?

Over the rainbow child care center | over the rainbow kids
Over the rainbow child care center | over the rainbow kids

Childcare For Infants
(6 Weeks - 12 Months)

Our Infants program is centered around the unique needs of babies in this age group. We provide infants a loving, nurturing environment designed especially to promote early growth and comfort. Staff members focus on muscular development, incorporating activities like tummy time and crawling assistance.

Over the rainbow child care center | over the rainbow kids

Childcare For Waddlers
(12 Months - 18 Months)

Our Waddlers program eases your child’s transition from infancy to toddlerhood through greater engagement. We continue to prioritize hands-on activities to foster development, preparing your child for the next stage of their learning journey. This program introduces age-appropriate lessons that lay the foundation for their growth and exploration.

Over the rainbow child care center | over the rainbow kids

Childcare For Toddlers
(18 Months - 36 Months)

Our Toddler program uses the skills learned in the previous level to introduce more dynamic engagement. In addition to our loving and secure environment, we introduce more organized activities, including our exciting "Soccer Shots" program. This helps toddlers develop essential skills while having fun and building social connections with their peers.

Over the rainbow child care center | over the rainbow kids

Childcare For Preschoolers 
(3 Years and up)

For children aged 3 to 4 years old, our Preschool program offers a dynamic and more comprehensive learning experience. With dedicated instructors for everything from music and dance to karate, your child will have the opportunity to explore their interests and talents. This program nurtures creativity while fostering development.

Over the rainbow child care center | over the rainbow kids

Childcare For Pre-K
(4 Years - 5 Years)

Our Pre-K program builds upon the strong foundation laid in our Preschool program, with a specific focus on preparing your child for kindergarten. We engage children in age-appropriate activities that enhance their cognitive, social, and emotional development. Your child will thrive in our stimulating environment as they develop the skills and confidence needed for a successful transition to elementary school.

High-Quality Child Care in CT

Over the rainbow child care center | over the rainbow kids

Proprietary Curriculum

Our curriculum focuses on the whole child and includes activities such as music, dance, art, science, math, language arts, and outdoor play. The unique approach in each classroom places the individual needs and dynamics of each child at the forefront while still meeting all state standards according to ELDS, the Connecticut state standards for developmental benchmarks in childhood development.

Safety First Protocols

At Over the Rainbow Learning Center, we prioritize the well-being of your child before all else. With biometric fingerprinting, we identify everyone entering the building, providing round-the-clock security. In addition, our schools are monitored by security cameras in all areas both inside and outside. Staff members are CPR-trained and certified.

General Standards with Specialized Accommodation

Over the Rainbow strives to provide equitable access to quality education for all children. We understand that families may have varying financial situations, and we are proud to participate in Connecticut’s “Care 4 Kids” state subsidy program, which assists families with tuition costs so that children from families of all walks of life can receive the educational foundation they deserve. Moreover, we are dedicated to offering reasonable accommodations for children with special needs, collaborating closely with services like Birth to 3 to provide comprehensive support. While we cannot provide one-on-one care, our staff makes every effort to provide reasonable accommodations for children with special needs within our programs. Our approach is always rooted in thoughtful planning and decision-making, with the ultimate goal of ensuring the best possible educational experience for each child.

Contact Us

Over the rainbow child care center | over the rainbow kids

At Over the Rainbow, we are committed to providing your child with a safe, loving, and stimulating environment that fosters growth, exploration, and early learning.

For more information regarding our Programs, please reach out to one of our enrollment specialists to schedule a tour.

Over the rainbow child care center | over the rainbow kids

Our Testimonials

I highly recommend Over The Rainbow for everyone in need of childcare! The staff is awesome, and the owner is a good as they come! The staff is mature, responsible, loving and nurturing. Every child and family member that comes through the door is treated with the utmost respect. There are two centers, one in Hamden and the other in Cheshire. Come on in and check them out!

Cheryl Solis

I have two kids in OTR and I have recommended this child care facility to many people. My kids are learning so much, so fast. My children learned how to form complete sentences when speaking. They were both potty trained while attending OTR. I am very pleased with the passionate, caring and supportive learning professionals there. My kids love their teachers as well as class mates.

Jessica Byrd

Over the Rainbow is an amazing daycare to put your child in when looking for childcare. The staff is incredible the owner is wonderful she gets to know each child that walks through the door. I highly recommend otr to anyone come check this daycare out!

Liz Brown

Over the rainbow is a great daycare center! My little one started just a couple of weeks ago and the teachers have really helped ease her in and made her feel comfortable! It is not easy to leave your little one but with their Bright Wheel app, teachers update you everyday on what your little one is up to. Their hours are GREAT for me and my husbands schedule. Their fingerprint system is also great security! Highly recommend for anyone in need of childcare.


Love this place! It’s hard finding a place where your kids are safe and taken care of. A place where they can learn and grow; but I found that and much more at Over the Rainbow. My experience has been great. The staff is wonderful, my kids when they walk in, they run to their teachers to give them hugs.

Angie S

My child attends Over the Rainbow in Hamden I am very happy with program. My child loves her teacher so that makes it easier to leave my child while I have to work. The rest of the staff is very friendly. I would recommend this daycare to my friend and family.


My husband and I are so happy with our experience here so far. Our 1 year old daughter has been here for 2 months and she loves it! The teachers are so friendly and committed to making sure your child is well taken care of. We especially love the daily photos of her playing or doing art projects as well as the updates on foods, naps etc. Our mind is always at ease knowing she is being well taken care of.

Lauren Figueroa

Over the Rainbow has been a great fit for our family! We are happy to have found a daycare center that provides affordable and high quality care to our infant. OTR has been flexible with my rotating schedule in the healthcare field and I appreciate the minute by minute updates I get on my child through the Brightwheels App. I would highly recommend this center to others!

Allison Eastman