Childcare For Waddlers: 12 Months – 18 Months
Serving Hamden & Chesire CT

Childcare for waddlers | over the rainbow kids

Over the Rainbow Waddlers program is thoughtfully designed to guide your child through the exciting transition from infancy to toddlerhood. Building on the foundations of our Infants Program, we provide an engaging and enriching environment tailored to children aged 12 months to 18 months.

A Smooth Transition to Toddlerhood

Childcare for waddlers | over the rainbow kids

The formative months between infancy and toddlerhood represent a pivotal and exciting time in your child’s development. Our Waddlers childcare program is crafted to make this transition as smooth as possible so that your child continues to thrive and explore their world with confidence.

Continued Emphasis on Hands-On Learning

Children who age up from Infants to Waddlers will maintain a strong focus on hands-on activities that actively engage your child.

These activities are designed to further each child’s developmental journey and support their natural curiosity. Our caregivers create a nurturing environment where exploration is encouraged.

Preparation for the Next Learning Milestones

Our Waddlers program goes beyond providing childcare; it introduces developmentally appropriate lessons that lay the foundation for your child’s growth and exploration.

Our staff knows these formative months are crucial for developing essential skills, and we are dedicated to nurturing their cognitive, social, and emotional development.

Personalized Guidance

We understand that each child is unique, and our experienced caregivers provide personalized guidance tailored to your child’s needs and interests.

Whether it’s helping them with transitioning between activities or encouraging their budding independence, we are here to support their individual development.

Engaging Age-Appropriate Activities

Our caregivers plan and facilitate a wide range of activities that stimulate your child’s curiosity and encourage early learning.

From sensory experiences to creative play, we offer a variety of opportunities for your child to discover, create, and engage with their surroundings.

Building Confidence and Independence

Our waddler childcare program is designed to build your child’s confidence and independence, nurturing their growing sense of self.

We encourage them to explore, interact with peers, and develop essential social skills that will serve as a strong foundation for their future learning experiences.

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Childcare for waddlers | over the rainbow kids

In our Waddlers program, we celebrate this exciting phase of your child’s development.

We invite you to contact us with questions or schedule a tour of our learning center.

Childcare for waddlers | over the rainbow kids