Ready For Kindergarten
And Beyond

With Caring, Professional Teachers, Helpful Assessments, And Individualized Lessons

PRE-K | 4 - 5 Years | Serving Hamden & Chesire CT

Close Attention From Teachers In Small Classes

Your child loves personal attention from their caring teacher as they hit their milestones and achieve their goals. They can then address any gaps to make sure they’re on par with their development.

A Sweet And Safe Space To Shine

Caring, attentive teachers always keep a close eye on your child, while features like remote video monitoring and biometric fingerprinting keep your child super safe, giving you peace of mind.

A Seamless Transition To Kindergarten Learning

Your child is Kindergarten-ready and learns how to write their full name, recite the alphabet, complete a simple worksheet independently, and get comfortable with numbers. Ensure a smooth transition to formal schooling.

A Communication App Keeps You Updated

Receive notifications and pictures of your little one’s progress and fun right on your phone. It also lets you access billing, upload forms, and check-in and out without contact for a super convenient experience.

Your Child Stays Healthy In Safe Care

Your child’s health is integral to their early development and learning. Health and safety measures safeguard your family’s health; here’s how:

3 Ways We Commit to Your Family's Health Are:

An on-site cleaning staff keeps your child’s spaces spotless.

A ZONO sanitizing cabinet disinfects crayons, tools, and toys.

A nurse visits weekly to consult regarding pediatric health.

Pack your child’s lunch and snacks fill in the gaps.

A weekly pizza lunch is a fun break from the usual!

Extras Like Art Celebrate Creativity

There’s more to learning than just academics. Enrichments boost your child’s confidence and expose them to new ideas. Art, music, and dance invite them to express themselves while Spanish builds vocabulary. Soccer and Karate are available at a nominal cost.

Growing Independent With Practical Life Skills

Your child participates in everyday tasks to teach them how to do for themselves and be responsible. From tidying up to dressing themselves and washing their hands, practical life skills help them grow confident and capable.

Qualified Teachers And Vetted Staff Deliver Expertise

Head teachers are qualified and take their role seriously, motivated by seeing your child thrive in their expert care. The founder has a master’s degree and certification in Elementary Education, helping her hire the best members to create an A-Team.

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