Nurtured And Loved, Your Baby Gets The Best Start

Learning In A Safe, Responsive
Space Just Like Home

Infants | 6 weeks - 12 months | Serving Hamden & Chesire CT

Loving And Responsive Care Your Baby Loves

Your baby thrives in small class settings where caretakers answer their every coo and gurgle. Talking, reading, and singing to your baby lays the foundation for future communication skills.

A Haven Where Safety Is A Priority

Remote video monitoring assures you of complete transparency, while biometric fingerprinting access shows a commitment to safety. Attentive teachers never leave your baby unattended for overall safety.

Sensory Play Unravels First Discoveries

Your baby learns all about how the world works through their senses. As they develop their understanding of touch, they also learn about texture, smell, and natural elements.

Stay In Touch With A Communication App

Receive daily notifications and pictures of your happy baby and their day right on your phone. The Kangaroo Time app also lets you access billing information, upload forms, and enjoy the convenience of contactless check-in and out.

Keeping Your Baby Healthy Is A Daily Must

Every child deserves vibrant, good health. Trust your baby is in good health, so they stay well and grow strong as we go above and beyond with:

3 Ways We Commit to Your Family's Health Are:

An on-site cleaning staff gets thoroughly sanitizes and disinfects

The ZONO sanitizing cabinet eradicates germs from all items.

Weekly visits from a licensed nurse for best health practices.

Never Too Early For Arts And Language!

Sign language empowers your child to express themselves and their needs, so they learn to ask for water when they’re thirsty, making them confident. Masterpieces featuring their little hands and footprints design the walls, and music teaches vocabulary and sparks joy.

An Individualized Schedule Designed Around Your Baby

Every baby is unique, and that’s OK! Their schedule follows their natural rhythm and your requests, so your school-to-home experience is a seamless one. When your baby naps and eats as they need, they’re calmer and happier in our care.

Teachers Chosen For Caring Hearts And Experience

Qualified head teachers lend their expertise to the team. The founder has a masters’ degree and certification in Elementary Education, giving her an edge in choosing caring, responsible, and knowledgeable caretakers.

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