Childcare For Toddlers: 18 to 36 Months
Serving Hamden & Chesire CT

Childcare for toddlers | over the rainbow kids

Our Toddler program takes the foundational skills learned in earlier stages to a new level, introducing dynamic engagement and a world of exciting opportunities for children aged 18 months to 36 months. Building on the loving and secure environment we provide, our Toddler childcare program offers a range of activities designed to nurture growth, development, and social connections.

Building on Strong Foundations

Childcare for toddlers | over the rainbow kids
At this stage, your child brings with them the strong foundations established in our earlier programs. We continue to prioritize their well-being and safety while introducing more organized and dynamic activities tailored to their developmental needs.

Encouraging Exploration and Social Connections

We provide a range of stimulating activities that promote your child’s imagination and curiosity. Through creative play, sensory experiences, and interactive learning, your toddler will have the opportunity to learn more about the world around them and build connections with their peers.

Supporting Milestones and Independence

Our toddler childcare program is carefully crafted to support your child’s developmental milestones according to Connecticut’s ELDS state guidelines while fostering independence. We guide them as they take their first steps toward becoming confident and capable individuals.

A Nurturing Environment

Our caregivers understand the unique needs of toddlers, and we create a nurturing environment where your child can thrive emotionally, socially, and intellectually. We celebrate their individuality and encourage them to express themselves while respecting the needs of others.

Structured Sports Activities

In our Toddler child care program, we believe in the power of structured sports to foster essential skills in every aspect of development. One example is the “Soccer Shots” program. This engaging initiative not only promotes physical fitness but also cultivates teamwork and coordination while having loads of fun.

Preparing for Future Learning Success

In our Toddler childcare program, we lay the groundwork for future learning success. We prioritize not only cognitive development but also social and emotional growth. Our goal is that your child is well-prepared for the next formative stages to come.

Contact Us

Childcare for toddlers | over the rainbow kids

For more information regarding our Toddler program, please reach out to our office and speak with our enrollment specialists. We offer tours of our learning centers so that prospective parents may see the dynamic and engaging environment we offer for your child where they can learn, play, and make lasting friendships.

Childcare for toddlers | over the rainbow kids